6 Tips for Saving $$$ When Buying Your Next Appliance!

Its raining money

Buying your next appliance can be costly!  After all, there is a reason it is called a major appliance.  There are many different brands, models and features that you need to sort through and even more importantly there is finding the best deal!

Let us take some of the stress of finding the best price off your shoulders, by providing you with 6 tips that will help you find the BEST DEALS!


Keep your money in your local community and shop “local” businesses.  Not only will you be helping the economy in which you live, but local business usually have better customer service as well as BETTER PRICING!  Even better than the major retailer sale prices.  Which leads us to tip #2…..


Sales are great, but just because something is on sale, does not mean that you are getting the best price.  Lets look at an example…..10% off of $800 = $720.  However another retailers, non sale price could be $700 which is still cheaper than the sale price!


Do you need to purchase cords, water-line kits, washer houses etc?  And if so, how much are you being charged?  Add up your accessories and all of a sudden you are paying more!


How much does the retailer charge for delivery?  What kind of delivery service is it?  Curbside, or in home placement, it does make a difference!  Imagine trying to bring in a 300 lb refrigerator from your garage to the house!  In that moment, you probably wished you had gone with the in home placement delivery!  Also if free local delivery is being offered, what is considered local?  Sometimes it can be as little as 10 miles.


These appliances models may have a small dent/scratch in a place that is not noticeable.  AND as a result you could save HUNDREDS!  Plus with stainless steel, it only takes 1 incident of your child running into the refrigerator or other appliance and WHAM, you have a dent or scratch!


Yes cash really is KING.  And we don’t mean debit cards or checks.  If you want to negotiate, the first rule you should know is to bring cash.   Paying with credit/debt or financing comes with merchant service fees that retailers have to pay.  Also understand that if you PICK UP YOURSELF you may get a better deal.


Knowing these 6 tips will save you time and money!  At Home Royalty we have fully incorporated all of these tips to bring our customers the best price possible on new open box/display model products.  Our quality and prices are unmatched!  Stop by today and see what we can do for you!


5 Ingredients or Less Friday Night Dinner

It’s Friday night and you have made it through another long week.  Most likely you may be thinking, where should I go out to eat tonight?  What if you decided just to stay in and relax?  If your choice is the latter, then why not prepare a super tasty meal without spending hours in the kitchen?

Tonight we present a 5 ingredient meal of Tomato Basil Salmon!  It only takes 30 minutes and will be ready in no time so you can stay in and relax.  So pour your self a nice glass of wine and enjoy!

salmon tomato

5 ingredient Tomato Basil Salmon


What you will need:

2 (6 oz) boneless Salmon Fillets

1 tablespoon dried basil

1 tomato

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese



1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spray with nonstick cooking spray.

2.  Place Salmon fillets onto the foil, sprinkle with basil, top with tomato slices, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

3.  Bake in preheated oven until the salmon is opaque in the center and Parmesan cheese is lightly browned on top.  About 20 minutes.


Sure does look yummy!  Serve with some grilled asparagus, nice salad or a baked potato.



7 Tips for Extending the Life of your Refrigerator

Summer is upon us!  With raising temperatures, can also bring along problems with you refrigerator.    A refrigerator is an investment in your kitchen and can provide beauty as well as functionality so treat it right and it will give you many years of use.  Here are 7 easy tips that you can use to help extend the life of your refrigerator:

1)  Keep your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and other sources or heat.  The cooler the air is around the refrigerator, the less hard it will work.

2) Keep your refrigerator filled with food.  But don’t over fill it!  This will help your refrigerator avoid temperature variations and it will run more consistently and efficiently.

3)  Monitor the internal temperature.  Your refrigerator should run between 36 & 38 degrees F.  Your freezer should be set no cooler that 0 degrees F.  Keeping your refrigerator and freezer at these temperatures will prolong the storage life of food as well as its life span.

4) Keep your refrigerator level.  If its uneven, adjust the feet.  An uneven refrigerator can cause your seals around the gaskets to not be sealed completely, losing air.

5)  Clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils.  This is one of the most important things you can do and should be done every few months.  Pull your refrigerator out from the wall, unplug it, then use a brush to loosen the dust and dirt around the coils located at the bottom or back of the refrigerator.

6) Check for good seals.  Do the dollar bill test.  Close the door on a dollar bill.  If the closed door doesn’t fold and hold the bill firmly in place, the seals or (gaskets) should be replaced.

7)  Keep your seals (gaskets) clean.   You will have a better seal and prevent air from escaping.


Energy Bill too High? Try these energy saving tips for your Kitchen

Your kitchen is full of appliances, that can use a lot of electricity even if they are energy star!  Here are Home Royalty’s tips to save you money!



Stove/Cooking Tips

  • Only boil the water you need in your kettle.
  • Cut food into smaller pieces to speed up the cooking time.
  • Use the right sized pan for the job and right sized hob ring for each pan.
  • Keep lids on pans as much as you can, to reduce heat loss – turn the heat down when it reaches the boil.
  • Keep the oven door shut as much as possible; make sure the glass door is clean so you can see what’s going on.
  • Cooking big batches of food at once is more energy-efficient. Storing spare portions in the freezer gives you a supply of ready meals.
  • Freeze your leftovers if you don’t eat them the next day.


When To Use Your Microwave

  • Defrost food in the fridge overnight rather than microwaving it.
  • Use a microwave to reheat food where possible as this is usually a much more efficient method of warming things up than using the hob or oven.
  • Cover food with a microwave-safe lid or pierced cling film to hold moisture and speed up cooking times in the microwave.


Refrigerator & Freezer Tips

  • Let warm foods cool down before putting them in the fridge.
  • Make sure air can circulate around the back of your fridge and freezer.
  • Make sure your fridge and freezer are set to the right temperature, not too cold and not too warm.
  • Don’t keep the fridge or freezer door open for longer than necessary.
  • Try not to put the fridge or freezer next to a heat source such as a cooker or radiator, or in direct sunlight.


Dishwasher Tips

  • Make sure you have a full load before you use the dishwasher – a half load setting usually uses more than half the energy of a full load.
  • Use the eco setting wherever possible.

Happy Savings!

Super Bowl Sunday Eats & Treats

The countdown for super bowl sunday is on and with only 5 days left until the big game, there is no time like the present to plan!  If you like me, the commercials and the food are just as exciting as the game.  And of course there is the half time show!  Beyonce killed it last year!  I have to admit I’m skeptical of Bruno Mars pulling off a performance to remember, but we shall see.  What does everyone else think of the half time choice?

Ok enough about that, back onto the food.  Whether you are bringing a treat to a friends house or hosting a party (as we are since we have the 65″ TV!), it is important to impress!  So what are some treats that are quick, easy and won’t break the bank?  Home Royalty has compiled 5 to choose from!  Just click the links and it will take you to the recipe.


1) Loaded Baked Potato Rounds:: Diet Blog


2) Turkey Taco Cups:: Bev Cooks

These look amazing as well as very fun to eat!


3) You can’t forget about the wings!  Try this new variation

Sweet & Sticky Chicken Wings :: Baked Bree


4) Chicken Taquitos:: Epicurious

chicken taquitos

5) Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Poppers:: Taste of Home


We hope you enjoy these options!  If you try out, let us know how it came out!  Happy eating!

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Home Royalty’s first blog post.  We are starting this blog to not only provide tips and advice on appliances and TVs, but also to share great life ideas.  These include sharing recipes, organizational ideas, ways to add work/life balance and much much more!  We hope you are just excited as we are about what is come.  If you have any topics you would like answers to, please leave us a comment and we would be happy to address it!  Happy reading.Image